Friday, December 1, 2017

LEGO Set of the Month: City Advent Calendar

This is going to be the fastest turnaround I've ever done on a giveaway, because of the timely nature of the LEGO set. Because for December, the LEGO Set of the Month is the City Advent Calendar. The set is actually 24 micro-builds or minifigures that celebrate the month of December leading up to Christmas. So instead of one big set, there are things like a Christmas Tree, a hearth, an ice sculpture of an Ice Demon of Vengeance angel, a helicopter drone, gingerbread house -- each build is on a minifigure scale, which means they're tiny, but impressively detailed. By the time the month is done, you'll also have Santa Claus, a kid on a sowboard, skiier, chainsaw sculptor of the aforementioned Ice Demon of Vengeance angel, and several others.

I love advent calendars. My dad lived in Germany for several years, where it's more a tradition than it is in the U.S., and then I lived in Germany for a few years in the 1990s and that just reinforced my love for it. We always had an advent calendar when I was a pup, and we've done it for our own sons every year. Sometimes to excess -- I think the maximum was a year where they had four different small gifts each day. We're back down to a reasonable one per day.

Because it's already December 1st, I'll be throwing in a bonus set that the LEGO Store had available for a limited time but you can't purchase now: a 24-in-1 set Christmas Build-Up. It has the pieces to build 24 additional small sets; the catch with that one is I think you can't build all 24 at once. You need to disassemble the peacock to build the owl, or the hot chocolate mug to build the snowplow. I think. Last year was the first time they did one of these, and this year is the first time I acquired one, AND I'M GIVING IT AWAY INSTEAD OF KEEPING IT FOR MYSELF. That's how much I love you guys. 

So. Because it's already like 5 AM on December 1st where I live, we'll give you a gentlemanly 27 hours to enter to win the Advent Calendar and City Buildup. So the day you receive it, you'll get to build a few of the sets (because I didn't think ahead and do this contest last week), and then space out the rest of the sets Advent-Style leading up to Christmas.  If they had similar countdowns for Hanukkah or Ramadan or other holidays/celebrations, I'd give those away. Butttttt this is what we've got.


I knew you were wondering. There are three ways to enter:

1. Comment on this post. You do that below at the very end of this post. Lower...lower...there.

2. Subscribe to the monthly Play Like a PIRATE newsletter. It comes out once a month, with ideas for the classroom, a graphic novel review, and a review and chance to win the new LEGO Set of the Month. No spamming (beyond once a month), no selling your emails to anyone. I don't even know who I would sell them to. It may be worth investigating.

3. Follow @jedikermit on Twitter and retweet this tweet. If you're not on The Twitter, you really should be. Sign up just for this entry. And follow me. So worth it. You can follow the #PlayLAP hashtag to see what other people are doing with Play Like a PIRATE. A book you should totally buy.

So you can enter up to three times. Don't try and cheat. Teachers always know.

Some fine print: the LEGO Set of the Month will only be available to U.S. residents. Even though I love everyone on the planet, international shipping is beyond my reach. The drawing for the December LEGO Set of the Month will be at 9 AM MST on Saturday, December 2. The drawing will be taken from all eligible entries with a random generator. So hopefully you win. Yeah, you.

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