Monday, May 2, 2016

Teacher Appreciation Week: #TeachMeYouDid

I love it when nerds come together to do something good. Andrew Slack, founder of the Harry Potter Alliance has turned millions of Potterheads into do-gooders, and now he's turned his eye toward Star Wars fans for Teacher Appreciation Week. It happens to coincide with "May the Fourth," which has become a kind of Star Wars holiday (but not Holiday Special)(thank the Force) for nerds worldwide. 

His basic idea is to take the passion of fandom and shape it into a force (or Force)(get it?) of good in the world. For Teacher Appreciation Week, he's got the #TeachMeYouDid Challenge. Based on the odd grammar (syntax?)(kinda talk) of Jedi Master Yoda, it's using the voice and image of Yoda as a master teacher to remind us of all the other teachers who have influenced our lives. Because without a doubt, your life has been influenced by them. 

The steps to accept the #TeachMeYouDid challenge are simple:

1. Find your own Jedi Master -- Think of someone of taught you, inspired you, awoke the Force within you.

2. Be creative -- Write a note, create a video, draw something, create something to thank them for what they did for you.

3. Spread this online -- Post this to Facebook or Twitter, Tumblr or Instagram or whatever social media you use, and include the hashtag #TeachMeYouDid. 

4. Share the love -- If you can, tag your teacher in the post to make sure they see it.

5. Invite them to the Light Side of the Force -- Finally, challenge your friends to join in.

Pretty easy. 

I'm going to be doing this every day this week. It may just be a few tweets, a few posts, I may do something more elaborate for some. I have so many teachers who have helped make me the man I am today. I don't know if I'll be able to find many in this online realm, but I'll try.  (I know, "do or do not, blah blah")

If you take up the challenge, let us know what you did, and remember to use the hashtag #TeachMeYouDid. There are some great examples of what people have already done on the #TeachMeYouDid website -- check it out for inspiration and ideas. 


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