Tuesday, March 22, 2016

#TLAP Chat Recap March 21: Who Are Teachers' Superheroes?

Monday March 21st I was invited to host the Teach Like a Pirate (#tlap) chat on Twitter. The topic was Comic Books and Graphic Novels in the Classroom. We started the chat with introductions, and with the introductions, I asked for the teachers' favorite superheroes.

Partially because of the topic of the chat of course, but I also wanted to get teachers feeling nostalgic about the heroes they grew up with. My personal favorite superhero is Aquaman--not because he's the strongest or has the best powers or toys or secret lair or villains--but because of the connection I've had for him ever since I was a kid watching Super Friends. He's cool. That's it.

I wanted to see how individual heroes would fare, but also wanted to see if Marvel Comics' impressive lineup of movies would influence peoples' choices, and if, as I suspected, Batman would win out. Because...he's Batman. These were the results of 56 responses, with the number of votes each hero received:

Wonder Woman 11
Batman 8
Aquaman 3
Black Panther 3
Captain America 3
Green Lantern 3
Iron Man 3
Storm 3
Underdog 3
The Flash 2
She-Ra 2
Superman 2
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2
Bionic Woman
Super Grover
The Tick

Yeah. Wonder Woman beat Batman. And Superman. And Captain America. And Iron Man. And...everyone else. I'm a big Wonder Woman fan myself (it's the character I'm looking most forward to seeing in Batman V Superman)(and really, she's my hope for the DC Cinematic Universe in general), so I was pleased to see her come out on top. 

The breakdown by company:

30 votes for DC Comics Characters
23 votes for Marvel Comics Characters
13 votes for other heroes

I loved seeing a few old friends in the mix: Underdog, the Bionic Woman, Super Grover...they were unexpected answers, but I loved them. 

Are there heroes who didn't make the list who should have? Why would a group of teachers pick these heroes as their favorites? Is it something about us, something about the heroes, or just a random assortment of characters? In any case, it was a good start to a fantastic chat. 


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