Tuesday, March 22, 2016

#TLAP Chat Recap March 21: Who Are Teachers' Superheroes?

Monday March 21st I was invited to host the Teach Like a Pirate (#tlap) chat on Twitter. The topic was Comic Books and Graphic Novels in the Classroom. We started the chat with introductions, and with the introductions, I asked for the teachers' favorite superheroes.

Partially because of the topic of the chat of course, but I also wanted to get teachers feeling nostalgic about the heroes they grew up with. My personal favorite superhero is Aquaman--not because he's the strongest or has the best powers or toys or secret lair or villains--but because of the connection I've had for him ever since I was a kid watching Super Friends. He's cool. That's it.

I wanted to see how individual heroes would fare, but also wanted to see if Marvel Comics' impressive lineup of movies would influence peoples' choices, and if, as I suspected, Batman would win out. Because...he's Batman. These were the results of 56 responses, with the number of votes each hero received:

Wonder Woman 11
Batman 8
Aquaman 3
Black Panther 3
Captain America 3
Green Lantern 3
Iron Man 3
Storm 3
Underdog 3
The Flash 2
She-Ra 2
Superman 2
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2
Bionic Woman
Super Grover
The Tick

Yeah. Wonder Woman beat Batman. And Superman. And Captain America. And Iron Man. And...everyone else. I'm a big Wonder Woman fan myself (it's the character I'm looking most forward to seeing in Batman V Superman)(and really, she's my hope for the DC Cinematic Universe in general), so I was pleased to see her come out on top. 

The breakdown by company:

30 votes for DC Comics Characters
23 votes for Marvel Comics Characters
13 votes for other heroes

I loved seeing a few old friends in the mix: Underdog, the Bionic Woman, Super Grover...they were unexpected answers, but I loved them. 

Are there heroes who didn't make the list who should have? Why would a group of teachers pick these heroes as their favorites? Is it something about us, something about the heroes, or just a random assortment of characters? In any case, it was a good start to a fantastic chat. 


  1. Totally stealing this idea to poll my students for data to teach with our 6th grade statistics unit. (just so you know, my room is mostly decorated with Superman stuff)

    1. Superman is a fair answer. :) It is a fun quick data set that gets you some clear winners and some weird outliers.